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A Best-Selling
Book by
Ernest Reagan Clark II

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My Story

When I was a child my life was negatively affected by false teachings that came from the pulpit. It is obvious that the preacher had bought in to the false teachings of Hal Lindsey's book, The Late Great Planet Earth that came out in 1970. This false teaching induced insomnia. It began the very night that I had heard the false teaching. It persisted for 14-16 years. Every night I would spend hours in the bed before I would fall to sleep. False teachings have consequences and those that teach such just may have sheol as a price to pay one day. What is your standard, the teachings of man, or the word of God? If you believe the world is about to end, you have bought into a false teaching that will destroy your life, as well as your children's. It will also destroy cultures and nations. When one thinks the world is about to end he becomes useless. A false end-times view has led the world to hopeless despair. A persons actions are determined by his beliefs, unless he is schizophrenic. A false view on scripture has hindered the purpose of mankind on planet Earth. If you have a false end-time view you do not believe that Jesus is the Tree of Life in Revelation. You have failed to see that the believers are the leaves on the Tree of Life. The scriptures state that the leaves on the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations. While man is waiting on Jesus, He is waiting on man to come to LOVE! This book will shine the light of truth on false teachings! Tis time to walk on water for our Father who art in heaven!

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